Europe and the global eCommerce boom: Complete Savings

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Complete Savings: Europe leads the way in the global eCommerce landscape

Some interesting research published recently by Ecommerce Europe finds Europe to be the biggest player in global eCommerce, holding the world’s largest share of the business-to-consumer eCommerce market. According to the European B2C Ecommerce Report 2013, the European continent increased the total eCommerce revenue by almost one-fifth to €311.6 billion in 2012, maintaining a lead over the US, which was the second largest market at €294.2.

country comparisons
Within Europe, it is the larger countries like the UK, Germany and France, constituting €96bn, €50bn and €45bn respectively, that are dominating. Together, these three countries account for 61% of Europe’s total share of sales.

Interestingly, the austerity-hit Mediterranean countries are among the markets showing fastest growth. While the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway increased their eCommerce tallies by 10-15% last year, Germany, France, Italy and Spain were ahead with 20-25% growth. Meanwhile the fastest-growing countries, with between 30% and 40% growth, include Poland and Greece.

the rise of mobile shopping
It seems that 2013 will see another definitive break with the past, as the relative share of online shopping conducted over hand-held mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, known as mcommerce, continues to reach new highs. The report found that mCommerce accounted for 5.5% of total sales in 2012; this share is likely to jump further in 2013, as smartphone and tablet ownership rises – 47.6% of all Europeans now have a smart phone.

impact on economy and jobs
It is estimated that the share of European Internet economy holds a 3.5% share of Europe’s total 2012 GDP of €16 trillion; this percentage is set to double by 2016 and to triple by 2020, given the fact that the Internet economy grows much faster that the economy in general.

The number of jobs created directly and indirectly by the business-to-business eCommerce sector is estimated at 2 million in Europe. This will continue to grow with the on-going increase and penetration of the internet in society, and the projected growth of B2C eCommerce.

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Europe and the global eCommerce boom: Complete Savings

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Europe and the global eCommerce boom: Complete Savings

This article was published on 2013/08/01